Monday, August 04, 2008

Subterranean Holiday I : Antiparos

We had been to Antiparos a few times, and had passed by a sign indicating the way to the"cave", though we always passed it by. This time we decided to visit

when you enter the stalagmites and stalactites look great,
and everything is lit with a quasi yellow light..
then the cave looks like it continues forever
(the stainless steel railing is unfortunately very Dubai airport)
and suddenly opens up to huge vertigenous underground halls

and you pass these great caves and the path continues further down

and you realize that you are in an incredible underground masterpiece

Sylvia posedthen everybody posed
(Sylvia, Mari, Angelo, me, Ilias)
ancient graffiti

the scale of the place is hard to describe
the rooms are endless
Angelo thought he was seeing ghosts everywhere

when we went back up,
I though I heard screams and went back to check


Anonymous said...

τα πιο ομορφα ποδια στη συγχρονη τεχνη !

Anonymous said...

wow//// la prochaine fois on y va ensemble//// c incroyable/// filakia/// mir