Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday Ponti Church

It was summer of 1979, we were driving in my dad's khaki green Mercedes in southern Italy to catch the boat back to Greece after a trans-europe not so express, the car stereo was probably playing "I will Survive" or "No More Tears" and we thought everybody was a mafioso.
Suddenly I saw this building off the autostrada, and it was just the most exciting thing I had seen. My parents said : "It looks like a church", and I thought "It looks fabulous".Later in life I realized that this was Gio Ponti's Cathedral in Taranto, and today browsing through some books I found it again.

Next to it in the book (a vintage A+U) was another great church by Ponti, slightly less published, the San Franscesco in Milan.

I've always been obsessed by Ponti's polygon window phase, like in the De Bijenkorf which I blogged ages ago

some of the pics from this Ponti link

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Stratos Bacalis said...

De Bijenkorf always have interesting buildings, check my post here for the one in Rotterdam