Monday, August 20, 2007

Harmony is the New Crazy

This is the crazy church Phillip Johnson did in New Harmony, Indiana, and of course it's called New Harmony too. Looks to me like a handkerchief filled up with hot air and dressed up as a building, but of course it couldn't be filled with air because it doesn't have a roof silly me. I was able to find images of the church itself, which is mostly know as "The Roofless Church" and I can imagine Mr PJ presenting the project going all "Roofs are SO last year" or "Roofless is the post-new- modernism". Nobody though seems to post pics of the fabulous gold and black heraldic overdecorated entrance gate. On the subject of the bitterly missed Phillip Johnson, if any of you has pics of the amazing synagogue he has done in downtown New York please please send me some (yes I'm finally CrowdSourcing yoo-hoo) . Its one of my favorite buildings ever and each time I photograph it the camera goes bust or I loose the memory card or my laptop dies or something. The Synagogue (I think) in on Franklin street, or maybe White or somewhere in the Tribeca area, and I think it is of the same period as the church, like 1960 or something. (actually the synagogue was done by William N. Berger as per my successful crowdsourcing)


F.B. said...

Hi ANdreas, it's Felix from PIN-UP!!! just wanted to give you a little shout-out...feeling krautsourced.
There is the amazing synagogue on White Street, but it's not's William Breger; i'm sure you know it, check it out:

Andreas Angelidakis said...

yes this is the one! damn why did I think it was PJ... thanx

Andreas Angelidakis said...

oh and I wrote about pinup in my column, send me an email I'll send you the scan when its out

sharon Thompson said...

My 11 y/o son chose PJ's Roofless Church for his building contribution to a city his architecture class is building. Yeah! Not some easy box structure for him. We have looked at gads of images but had never before seen the entrance gates. Many thanks for bringing this to our attention, he's excited to share his 'insider' information, and may make some wire & Sculpey attempt at including them.
Your blog is beautiful, thanks again....Sasha, Florida