Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The disappointment of Merope

Recently I let go of one of the plots of land on Aglaia, and took a remote hillside plot in the rural island of Merope. Or so I thought. The plot was a good deal, and the landlord Lottie Lamond seemed very nice. When I first put up Cloud House, on the hill that looked exactly like the original setting of the house, she warned me not to exceed 20 meters of height, in order to preserve the landscape, and I thought cool, maybe this island will be a bit more protected. Of course I return the next day and I have a neighbor, who has a built a tree house, but a HUGE tree house that is totally blocking my view. Thankfully he was there and we kind of agreed that he would scale down the treehouse. Then a few days later I arrive and all hell has broken loose.
Almost all the plots are taken, built up with pathetic reproductions of faux colonial houses that block entrance to visitiors (hate that) and genererally ugliness rules the land. In just a week Merope went from rural beauty to trailer trash, making the quiet suburbia of Aglaia seem like heaven. Still when I get a moment I'll try out a brief idea on Merope but I think later on, it is back to suburbia for me.


Stratos Bacalis said...

Saw your work regarding second life at the Thessaloniki Bienalle and it was very interesting. Definitely one of the few highlights in Moni Lazariston.

Andreas Angelidakis said...

hmm didnt really see the show..