Sunday, February 18, 2007

Notes on Istanbul

We're in Istanbul because Angelo is this months' artist for the YAMA project, organized by the lovely Sylvia Kouvali. YAMA is a huge screen in the middle of Istanbul. This is the view from the 17th floor of Marmara Pera Hotel, just below the screen. These suburbs are supposed to be pretty dodgy
and looking up to the YAMA screen
some random collection of objects on the street
a scaffolding that looks like a building
another scaffolding that looks like another building, on the way to Taksim square
probably the most fabulous door I've seen,
leading from the Dolma Basche right into the Bosphorous


Anonymous said...

Damn! Those photographs are amazing, your site is a real sweet treat. My brain's been hijacked by all the great visuals of late...brilliant, keep em coming!

Andreas Angelidakis said...

thxxx jocko