Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Double Wonderland

A second Second Life post in row? I must be running out of stuff to post here... Truth is I'm swamped with approaching deadlines and these images have been hanging around for a while. One day I was bored walking around looking for cool 3D stuff and happend on a game yard with casinos and slot machinesand shoot them games and Miltos came online and he's always obsessed with video games so I showed him that you can actualy play a game even when you are inside another game. Which is exactly the scenario from one of my totally favorite films, David Kronenbergs' "eXistnZ". So anyway we walked right up to the Duck Hunt and realised that not only we could shoot ducks but that the space was enterable! We could enter the space of the screen! Like two video game Alices in a double wonderland, we were inside the space of a game which was inside the space of a place that is not really a game which was inside the screens of our multitasking laptops that a lot of people use for work but not for play.

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