Sunday, June 25, 2006

Post Padula

Padula was really great, especially the spooky forest where Fresco Bosco took place. Walking around at night you could see clouds of fireflies, and weird shadows from the installations on progress. Angelo's piece rocked: the Neen Emblems were installed along a huge wall facing the forest and they were imposing and funny at the same time.and we had tons of fun with Franko B and Alessandro and John of Lovett/Codagnone who did a great performance called Obliquities. Their soundtrack kept repeating "I recongnize that I'm not you, I made myself, I made myself what I am, I changed myself, I became someone else" over and over again, a totaly hypnotizing mantra that I can still hear...At the end of the night a gang of kids from the local town had gathered outside the monastery and brought an amazing over accesorized disco-car complete with huge sound system, light show and a homo-disco soundtrack that was just a perfect ending.

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