Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Melnikov House

My artist friend Varsenik Khatlamajyan was another reason I got into this Armenia reminiscence trip that is turning into a fully fledged post-soviet-plastic-chair-internationalism. Anyway, Varsenik has been reading this blog from time to time and she urged me to look at the Konstantin Melnikov house, which seems like it would have been an obvious thing for me to look at since its kind of Neen, but it had totally escaped my radar. (and my gaydar too!) So here are some pics of the crazy genius Melnikov House that he built for himself in 1929, and to which he retreated when he fell out of political flavor. This house is made of two cylindrical towers punctured by hexagonal windows, and it is omnipresent in most architecture history books, but I remember that as a student I never knew how to place it, because its somehow ancient and futuristic at the same time, all the time, and somehow it still looks fresh, almost neen and almost like the Herzog and De Meuron Prada store. Full circle indeed.


elias said...

pragmatika trelo to spiti.
xairomai pou tha eisai sto upatras, estw k se diaforetiko tmhma. maresoun oi douleies sou.

Anonymous said...

thanks :)