Monday, January 23, 2006


Its funny that I've been in New York for a week and I'm still thinking about L.A.

Just off of Hill Street is LA's simulated Chinatown. It was built in the '50s for a movie and then inhabited by chinese americans as a real place. Now its inhabited by cool stores such as OOGA BOOGA, cool school such as Piero Golia's Mountain School of Art, galleries and project spaces mixed with Mah-jong parlours and chinese stuff stores, mixing film with reality. One of the first spaces to open there was Miltos' Electronic Orphanage, which now has become Telic.

Even the gas station was dressed up as a pagoda, which come to think of it, if China someday rules the global market maybe this will be the new international style, replacing all the Mies van der Rohe type of abstract floating planes with Standard Pagodism.

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newManifesto said...

la is a state of mind?